Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Birthday!

I am about a month late posting this but better late than never. Our baby turned 1 year old October 4th and we went to Salt Lake to my parents' house to celebrate. It was also a good excuse to see all of my siblings. I was so happy my sister Cynthia and her 4 kids could come from Idaho because I planned a big party for a boy who wasn't going to remember it and I wanted some kids there to enjoy it. Nate and I looked around online for party theme ideas. I knew Wesson wasn't going to remember his party and to keep it small and simple but I was so excited to plan my first child's first birthday and I went a little crazy with it.

So we did a Lego themed birthday party. Who doesn't love Legos, right? I found a lot of cute party ideas on blogs and decided that it would be really fun...even though Wes doesn't really play with Legos yet. But he will..some day. And when he does, he will have Legos.

Here are some of the pictures for your viewing enjoyment:
The invitations

A banner I made. Took me forever! Luckily Cynthia's son was having a Lego party a couple weeks later so at least we got some good use out of it. 
Lego candy!

Cake pops!

Lego face plates
It said "Happy" Birthday Wesson. Just in case you were wondering.

             I realize it is not the most beautiful cake but it was fun to do and looked kind of cool...even though it wasn't perfect.

Enjoying his first taste of deliciousness. His daddy decided to keep him in his onesie.

Happy birthday boy!
Product Details

We bought some huge lego-like blocks for the kids to play with at the party and went to a Lego store in town and got a big bucket of used Lego Duplo blocks for much cheaper than they would have been if they were bought new.

 He won't remember his party but at least we have pictures to show him when he doesn't think we are cool.

Anyway...we are having so much fun with our little toddler. He is walking around like crazy--all over the place! When we say "give me a kiss" he will put his forehead toward our lips. And when we say "give me five" he will do it. He loves teasing us. He is just getting more fun every day and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Happiest little boy ever

And big trouble. I guess he IS making good use of his "Lego" blocks.

I finally finished his name in his room. I know....he is 13 months old and I just barely got it done. Pretty lame. But have you ever tried to shape rope into a word. It is so hard! I had to glue a wire on the back and then wrap a clear string around it to keep it all together. It would look better if the wall was darker but, you know...renting.

I am getting SO excited for Christmas. Aren't you? Well, life is good and the babe is good. And we miss you all.


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  1. love his name! i wanted to do that with our kiddos but it now looks pretty hard... hahaha. Fun birthday party too!! gives me ideas for when my boys get older!