Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For some reason, birthdays are on my mind today :). I love birthdays! My birthday is the one day a year that I really feel special. It is my day...well and the birthday of a few million others..but as far as my family is concerned, it is my day. One reason I love Facebook is that SO many people wish you a happy birthday that probably wouldn't have otherwise and it makes the day that much more special. I have always had fun sharing my birthday with my friend Tori. We are both turning a quarter of a century today! Love you girlie! I feel really old!

Growing up, birthdays were always a huge deal. I got to decide what we would be eating for each meal. In the morning, I would walk into the kitchen and there would be streamers and balloons all over with a nice breakfast on the table. Everyone in the family would wish me a happy birthday very excitingly. I always felt like a princess. At dinner time, I got to choose who would say the prayer for my birthday dinner and I sat at the head of the table. After dinner I would be escorted to the living room and all of the lights were turned out. There I would sit, all alone in the dark. All of the family would go into another room, light the candles on the cake, and then parade down the hall into the living room with the lit up cake and presents in hand, singing happy birthday. All of my siblings are a little embarrassed of the "birthday march" but I think it made birthdays so fun!

This year, since we are in Colorado, my parents decided that around my birthday would be a good time for them to come visit (but mostly to see Wes). They drove over here for two nights this past weekend. They took us to P.F. Chang's and when we went back to the hotel, we had birthday cake #1 and ice cream. The next day they made us a nice breakfast (they had a kitchen in their room). We went miniature golfing then went back to the room for another amazing hotel-cooked meal, my favorite birthday meal--roast beef and mashed potatoes. After that came birthday cake number 2. I am one lucky girl.

New Sunglasses from Grandma and Grandpa

His first time miniature golfing...well, watching miniature golf.

The parentals

Yes, I needed the sun because I am a pasty white person.

The nice thing about both my husband and I being unemployed is that I get to have him all to myself on my birthday. He didn't grow up with birthdays being quite that big of a deal; however, he has been very sweet to try to make my birthdays special.

Today, he brought me breakfast on a tray with fresh flowers (the toaster strudels were my request, not his lack of cooking skills).
And delish Papa Murphy's for lunch

I wanted to put up lots of pictures of me and my birthday cakes over the years but all of my birthday pictures are in storage at the moment :( I guess the only two I have right now are pictures from the last 2 years.

Age 23 with my honey
Age 24

I hope you all will have or have had good birthdays this year!