Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasure #1: A Walk Down Main Street

We have been in Grand Junction for a couple of months now and have still not seen much of the city. Saturday, we decided to take a short break from Netflix to walk Main Street and have some lunch. It was really fun going into the antique shops, especially since they had a lot of old Western/cowboy things (Wesson is almost 10 months old and we still haven't finished decorating his room, which has a western/cowboy-theme). We saw a lot of old horse shoes, guns, chaps, spurs, etc....and wanted to buy them all...but didn't. We still have a lot of fun projects we want to do for his room, one of which is spelling his name in rope above the crib. 

We also went in a baby boutique and toy store. Wesson was asleep when we went in the toy store but I had fun for him. I saw a Marie Antionette doll which had cleavage...and I'm not sure what kind of parent would buy that for their child. We also saw some fake mustaches which have adhesive on the back. There was a set of mustaches for girls which were pink...I don't get it. ha ha. 

Here are the pink mustaches
Here's Wesson's crib...I would show the whole room, but as I said, we still aren't done decorating. Maybe some day we will actually finish and can post a finished product picture then (like most people post when they are 7 months pregnant). I had always dreamed of having the nursery all ready when he came but with us moving around so much and having all of our things in storage for 6 months, that's just not how it happened. It's kind of hard when things in life don't go as you pictured they would but I can be grateful that we are together and healthy, and that's all that really matters.  By the way, my good friend Sarah Averett made that adorable brown blanket in the front. She is so crafty and talented.
 Simple Pleasure #2: Cheesecake

We discovered the most amazing dessert! The recipe came in the mailbox along with a coupon for graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hersheys chocolate bars. I thought it would be good but I didn't think it would be THAT good. I included the recipe but I would definitely use the hersheys bars instead of the chocolate they suggest...but I don't like dark chocolate. We used the hersheys bars and this is now probably one of our favorite recipes. The downers though--expensive and super high in calories, all because of the cream cheese. But doesn't cream cheese just make everything delicious? Mmmm. We will probably try the other recipe that came in the mail, which was the peanut butter smores recipe :)


Simple Pleasure #3: An Overcast/Rainy Day

I LOVE stormy days! Yesterday was one of those days and we took Wes outside to play for a little bit without having to worry about his (and my) pasty white skin getting burned. It was very therapeutic.

And for those of you who haven't seen our place yet, which is pretty much everyone, this is our home. We are renting at the moment, which can be expensive, but we really like this place (minus the huge crazy bush off to the left which has a million spiders and spider webs in it. We are a little unhappy with the way the HOA money is spent. They take pretty good care of the lawn but are horrible at trimming the bushes). Oh, and yes, our house number is 585 1/2. Who uses halves in addresses? We thought it was the weirdest thing when we first came to GJ.

Simple Pleasure #4: Spending Time at Home With My Boys

The child is SO mobile now...but I guess not mobile enough to get out of this predicament.

I love him SO much!

Last night, he actually cuddled with me. Now that he can get around really well, he does not like to sit still. But last night he got his bath and some food and just sat there next to me with his hand on mine. It's little moments like that that make all of the hard work of being a parent SO worth it.
And my other boy. He probably wouldn't love this picture because it is from behind and it is him in the kitchen. ha ha. But I thought I would just get some proof that he was actually in there. Love ya babe! Don't be mad :) Thanks for being such a great dad and hubs!